(W/A/CA) Amano Sakuya


P>Every day, the foxes who staff Konohanatei work hard to make sure each of their guests is taken care of, accommodated, and comfortable, but the healing power of the legendary fox inn that sits between worlds affects not only its guests but its workers as well!
Now, Kiri is an established worker at Konohanatei, but once, even she was a brand-new attendant learning new things and making mistakes along the way in order to grow. Shortly after starting work at the inn and meeting the beautiful and kind geisha Yae-san, Kiri also met her daughter... who turns out to be none other than Sakura, the young fox who works at the inn now alongside Yuzu and the others. It seems Kiri has known Sakura since she was very small. What kind of past do these two share?
In the present-day Konohanatei, however, another special person from someone's past appears... This time, it's Ren's cute little sister dropping in for a visit!


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